Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brad and Skankalina's Baby...

Well here is a picture of the "perfect" baby...the entire world has been waiting for. GAG!!! Yes, it is a cute picture and the baby looks cute.... Just can't stand Brad or the Skank. Check out her big maternity bra....hahaha...hope they are leaking everywhere. Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer’s has got tons going for her. Looks, class, charm.
Angelina has looks, and I suppose some charm, but withot class, all you have is trailor trash with charisma, which is just the same as a good hooker.

Refuse to respect a woman that rools around with a married man, and is not WOMAN enough to stand up and say, yeah I did it.

When Angie invaded tiny tiny African coastal town to have her baby, she, in my eyes, did nothing but draw more attention to her self, the very thing she claimed to wish to avoid.

Along with massive bodyguards and massive bank accounts, I think she and Brad have massive egos.